Forging Division

Harihar's Forging Division, has been set up as part of the Harihar Alloys at Vellur village in Pudukottai district. The unit is 15 Km from the Tiruchirapalli-Madurai Highway near Viralimalai. This modernized unit has a total area of around 18.5 acres and a working area of 30,000 sq. ft.

The unit has manufacturing capacity of 9000 MT per annum and can manufacture single piece forged components, weighing from 500g to 450kg in closed die forging and maximum 1000 kg in open die forging depending on customer specification. Fully integrated manufacturing, quality and delivery processes are designed so as to ensure flexibility in company's supply chain.

The unit specializes in manufacturing closed and open die forgings of carbon, alloy, stainless steel and Non ferrous Alloys and has the following facilities.

Tool and Die Shop

Harihar Forging has a state of the art in-house tool and die manufacturing facility comprising multi-axis high speed milling machines. Die manufacturing is a critical task in any closed die forging operation. Our in-house die-making capability enables us to have better control on quality and the final product.

The entire facility is inter-phased with cutting edge 3D modeling software and this ensures good quality tools and dies on a consistent basis. All dies are checked with a prototype before initiating actual production. The following softwares are employed for die design and CNC programming.

  • Cimatrone E
  • Solid Works
  • Auto CAD 2014
  • SIMENS NX 8.5

The die shop also consists of a wide variety of in-house dies used for forging generic products used across varied industries, like oil and gas.

Billet Processing

The raw material (Billet) comes in standard sizes and fed through the cutting machines to get the desired length.

  • Band Saw Cutting Machine - 75 mm to 700 mm
  • Band Saw Cutting Machine - 75 mm to 600 mm
  • Band Saw Cutting Machine - 25 mm to 280 mm
  • Plasma Cutting Machine – 25mm

Forge Shop

The shop is equipped with wide range of open die and closed die forging hammers. The pneumatic closed-die hammers range in size from 1 ton to 10 ton and each hammer is paired with a trimming press to facilitate maximum utilization of the capacity.

Closed Die Forging
  • 10 ton Pneumatic Hammer
  • 5 ton Pneumatic Hammer
  • 2 ton Pneumatic Hammer
  • 1 ton Drop Hammer
  • 1000 ton Trimming Press
  • 400 ton Trimming Press
  • 125 ton Trimming Press
  • 150 ton Trimming Press
  • 200 ton Trimming Press
  • 1000 ton Friction Screw Press
  • 500 ton Friction Screw Press
  • 1.5 ton Drop Hammer & 2 ton Drop Hammer
  • Oil fired - Billet heating furnaces of 1500 kg / hr.
  • Oil fired - Billet heating furnaces of 750 kg / hr.
  • Oil fired - Billet heating furnaces of 350 kg / hr.
  • Induction Billet Heater 250 KW
  • Induction Billet Heater 300 KW
Open Die Forging
  • 3 ton Hammer
  • 1 ton Hammer
  • Oil fired - Billet heating furnaces of 3000 kg / hr.
  • Oil fired - Billet heating furnaces of 600 kg / hr.
  • Oil fired - Billet heating furnaces of 450 kg / hr.
Heat Treatment

The modern in-house heat treatment facility is completely equipped to handle a wide array of customer requirements. It consists of a mechanized rotary charger that enables the operation of the entire heat treatment facility. This not only minimizes the level of human intervention required, but also enables the operation of the facility in a controlled manner. The finishing shop has shot blast machines.

  • Oil Fired Furnace - 3000 Kgs - 2 Nos
  • Gas Fired Furnace - 1000 Kgs - 4 Nos
  • Electric Furnace - 1000 Kgs - 1 No (For Tempering)
  • Electric Furnace - 1250 kgs - 1 no (For Hardening)
  • Quenching Systems - Water, Oil / Polymer
  • Rotary Charger -1000 Kgs - 1 No
  • The high agitation quench system ensures maximum depth of hardness
  • Shot Blasting Machine - 400 Kgs
  • Shot Blasting Machine - 300 Kgs
  • Shot Blasting Machine - 200 Kgs
  • Shot Blasting Machine - 150 Kgs
  • Testing Facilities
    • Optical emission spectrometer
    • Universal Testing Machine
    • Impact testing Machine
    • Hardness Testers – Rockwell and Brinell
    • Portable Hardness Tester
    • Muffle Furnace
    • MPI – (Yoke and Coil, Head shot)
    • Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
    • LPI
    • Positive Material Identification Equipment
    • Rad check meter
    Tool & Die Software

    The Following softwares are employeed for Die Design and CNC Programming

  • AUTOCAD 2014 - 2D Drawing
  • SIMENS NX 8.5 - New Product Developmet, Die Design & Manufacturing
  • CIMATRON-E - Machine Programming for Die Manufacturing
  • Billet Processing
  • Band Saw Cutting Machine - 75 mm to 700 mm
  • Band Saw Cutting Machine - 75 mm to 600 mm
  • Band Saw Cutting Machine - 25 mm to 280 mm
  • Shearing Machine - 125 RCS
  • Inlay Process

    The inlays / weld overlays are performed on the following areas based on customer's request.

    • RTJ groove on bodies
    • Bonnet gasket grooves on bodies and bonnets
    • Seat pocket inlays on bodies
    • Inlay on other areas as per requirement

    Material - 316SS and Inconel 625

    Hydrostatic Testing ,Gathering Machine

    Machine Shop
    The facility is supported by experienced design engineers, machinists and fully equipped tool room.
    The facility has an installed manufacturing capacity of 8000 T/annum with maximum single piece weight of 2240 kg. The maximum size of casting produced is 36" valve body...
    Over view of Raw materials
    Proper inventory management of raw material plays a significant role in on-timey...
    Quality Policy
    To manufacture and supply products of consistent quality and satisfying the customer's needs,..